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BARRIQUE Kitchen and Wine Bar, which opened in Babylon Village in September, is a wine lover’s dream. Fifty of the 150 wines on the list are available as half-bottles; 30 are sold by the glass in either three-ounce or six-ounce pours. And the restaurant will open any bottle on the list and sell it by [...]

Memorable places to meet for a cocktail

By BY IAN J. STARK. Special to Newsday
Publication: Newsday (New York)
Date: Thursday, November 5 2009

A little treat goes a long way, especially in a gloomy economy. For a different kind of night out, try enjoying a cocktail while relaxing in a lovely lounge. Whether you’re on a first date, looking to entertain a [...]

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Where: Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar

Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar


Photo credit: Michael E. Ach | Kevin Natoli serves a tray of desserts at Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar in Babylon. (Oct. 30, 2009)


Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar

Clearly, Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar [...]

Barrique bustling in Babylon

Open: Barrique bustling in Babylon

Although it’s only been open a week, Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar in Babylon is apparently going gangbusters. I stopped by last night and found the handsome place packed to overflowing. There was a minimum of an hour’s wait for a table, [...]

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New restaurant reviews


In this week’s Newsday, Joan Reminick awarded a rare 3 stars to Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar in Babylon. “Chef Frank Falgiano turns out gently priced small plates meant for sharing” and a “thoughtfully conceived wine list featuring 30 selections by the 3- or [...]


Barrique is all about enjoying life with good wine & good friends. Barrique is derived from the old world, French, Italian & Spanish dialects meaning a small oak barrel used in making fine wines. Reminiscent of a century old wine cellar, Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar, offers global foods, wines & spirits in [...]